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Thread: Symbols are not available on remote PC

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    Default Symbols are not available on remote PC

    I have created and saved all of my symbols on the engineering PC in the global symbol library. However after transporting the project to another PC, no symbols were displayed in the runtime anymore
    The symbols which are saved in the global symbol library are not stored within the project itself and also not contained in a project backup. The symbols of the global library can be copied from one PC to another, by transporting the file "groupname.sym" from either the program directory (< 6.21 SP0) or the programdata directory.

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    Hello Mark,
    Where are the global symbols stored in the version 6.22? If I want to add new symbol libraries, where to store them?

    Thanks for your answer

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    In version < 6.21 SP0, the global symbols (.sym files) were stored directly in the program installation directory of zenon.

    Due to the Windows Vista compatibility (it is not allowed to modify binary files in the program directory on Windows Vista anymore apart from a setup routine), the files are now stored in the following directory:

    Windows XP: c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\copa-data\zenon622

    Windows Vista: c:\ProgramData\copa-data\zenon622

    Please note, that the folder "Application data" on Windows XP and the folder "ProgramData" on Windows Vista are hidden per default, and you should enable the option "show hidden files and folders" in the Windows Explorer.

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