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Thread: number of alarms

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    Default number of alarms

    all versions >6:
    we often have alarms >0 in the system variable "number of alarms"
    although there are currently no alarms in the alarm list.
    The only way to delete the number of alarms is to terminate the visualization
    delete the ALARM.BIN file and restart.
    This procedure is really not applicable for the customer as the normal user is
    not allowed to switch back to the windows system.

    Jürgen Berger

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    Default Re: number of alarms

    Please take a look in the help documentation about this topic: Manual -> Alarm Information List (AIL) -> Operating during Runtime -> Alarm status line and alarm information list

    Memory: A ring buffer that contains all current and not acknowledged alarms. As soon as an alarm has a received and acknowledged time stamp, it is removed from the ring buffer. (Exception: The option to delete is set for the alarm. This means that the alarm is only removed from the ring buffer after the user deletes it.
    The size of the ring buffer can be changed and should never be exceeded during runtime, as this leads to data loss. -> Configure warning messages. See above.
    You can configure the behavior of the ring buffer after an overflow.
    The ring buffer is automatically saved when the runtime is stopped. If the runtime is stopped unexpectedly, e.g. due to a power failure, there will also be data loss. In order to avoid this, the ring buffer can be saved (e.g. cyclically) with the function Save AML and CEL memory buffer. Alternatively, you can also configure the ring buffer to be saved after every new alarm (save ring buffer spontaneously). However, this option increases the load on hard disk/flash memory.
    So the question is: which size has been configured at the ringbuffer of the AML?
    -> if it is too less such an effect can occure... .
    -> the setting of the AML ringbuffer can be done at Project -> Alarm message list -> Data Storage AML


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    Default Re: number of alarms

    the actual value is 200. I will set it to 400 and see if the problem furthermore exists.

    Jürgen Berger

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