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Thread: Change the Ip Address in Zenon 5.5

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    sikenga Gast

    Default Change the Ip Address in Zenon 5.5

    Im working on project that contain a AB Controllogix PLC, a B&R Automation PC and a Ipanel from B&R too, but the Automation PC have instaled an IHM Zenon v5.5 and i need to change the IP Address in every device to make them to a new range.

    I need a Tutorial to know how to do this.

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    I'm afraid I don't exactly know what you want to achieve.

    If the IP-Address of your PLC changed, you need to change this in the driver configuration in the zenon 5.50 editor of your zenon 5.50 HMI project.

    Are your B&R PC and your B&R Ipanel in some network configuration? (e.g. server client, or server / standby server)?

    The zenon network is based on name resolution in the network. So if your network supports name resolution by default, it is not a problem to change the ip-addresses of the PCs. If your name resolution bases on the "hosts" file in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc" directory, then you would need to adapt the ip-addresses accordingly in these files on all PCs.

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