I have a .dbf file which contains my variables, which I have edited in MS excel. When I try to import the file, I can select it in the zenOn editor and choose a driver, however the variables are not imported!
The .dbf import in the version 6 is only available for compatibility issues.

Make sure that the .dbf file is in a folder close to the root of the drive, which contains no spaces or long directory names. Also make sure that the file itself meets the legacy 8.3 filename format and is not read-only.

Possible errors / warnings at .dbf import / export:

import error 1 == Importfile can not be opened
export error 1 == Exportfile can not be opened

Please check the filename (8.3 legacy filename format), the path (no blanks, close to the root) and a possible read-only flag.

import error 6 == driverobject for the driver: can not be created.
export error 6 == driverobject for the driver: can not be created..

The driver might not be available or it can not be started due to missing third party software. Try open the driver configuration in the editor.

import error 2 == from the file: no data could be read.

Please check if the file is a valid .dbf file and no columns have been resized in excel.

export error 3 == Limit for the variable can not be added

export error 4 == Variable could not be saved.
import warning 4 == Variable could not be saved in the database.

Please check the dabase-file integrity and check for write-permission.

import error 7 == Variable is not available in the target project.

e.g. if a variable is to be deleted (in the column KANAL_D) at .dbf import and no variable is available.

import warning 7 == at the variable ist Min > Max.

at the set-value limit, the minimum is larger than the maximum. (Min: 5, Max: 3) Or the set-value range is outside the measuring range.

import warning 8 == Variable can not be renamed as already a variable exists with this name

import warning 9 == Variable can not be renamed as the original is not available in the project