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Thread: Time synchronization have problem in the alarm list

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    Default Time synchronization have problem in the alarm list

    One problem exist in my project, thus I made my new project by DNP3 protocol and I tested many IED device with it, then I perform the time synchronizing operation by the computer and IEDís get the time perfectly.
    Then I generated alarm in this condition for see time of alarm that received.
    In the plenitude of surprise I observe that the time of received alarm in alarm list is one hour beforehand to time of IEDís.
    I donít know whether in zenon exist the special setting for solving this problem in DNP3 Protocol.

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    Default Re: Time synchronization have problem in the alarm list

    I think it will be gut to make some introduction how time-stamping of variables works. A variable in zenon can have time-stamp for its value from PC (local) or from PLC (external):

    Time-stamp External: the driver received from PLC not only the value but also the time-stamp.
    To mark that the time-stamp came from PLC the driver sets Status bit RT_E (Real-time external) for the variable.
    If the PLC sends in time-stamp information that it is Winter time the driver sets Status bit WINTER too.

    Please notice that:
    - not all variables (not of all "driver object types") in DNP3 have real-time stamp from PLC. You can easy check if some variable has external time-stamp by right mouse-click on a picture element linked with the variable. A context window shows actual Statuses of variable.
    - if your PLC uses winter time but your computer not (or vice versa) and the PLC "forgets" to give information about its winter time settings, the external time-stamp will differ from your PC time by one hour.

    Time-stamp Internal: the driver gives to variable the local time (computer time) from the moment it received the value. In that case the driver sets also Status bit RT_I (Real-time internal) and eventual WINTER-bit, according to actual Windows settings.

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    Default Re: Time synchronization have problem in the alarm list

    I have problem similar as above case ( one hour delay in dnp3 driver).

    This problem happens in my project When I checked ďAutomatically adjust clock for daylight saving changeĒ in windows.

    The PLC s have no possibility for setting of daylight saving time. Also they give time from dnp3 driver.

    Do you have any solution to prevent difference between PC time and variables time?

    best regards,

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