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Thread: Object Fill (ie Tank)

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Object Fill (ie Tank)

    Is there a way to animate filling an element/object, such as a cutaway of a tank?

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    christopherpara Gast

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    If you want to animate filling tank depending on Variable you can use Combi element to present for each value different symbol.

    Also you can use a tank with vertical hole, under it you can have square element which will change his high dynamicly depending on value of Variable.

    What do you think about it, maybe you have also some ideas to consult it with us?

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    Default Re: Object Fill (ie Tank)

    please note, that due to missing functions in the Windows CE API, dynamic size is not available on windows CE (change height of a rectangle)

    What you could also do, is create your tank out of two rectangles, and place a bargraph element without scale and value information behind it With the bargraph, you could also use the display in %, which gives the operator a direct indication how full the tank is.

    Another possibility on Windows CE is, use the dynamic element "move symbol" where you move a white rectangle (supposing your background picture color is white) away from a filled area, (representing your tank)

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