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    we have two identical machines running the same Zenon RT.
    How is it possible to copy all recipes generated on one machine using
    the recipe manage to the other machine.

    I know only the export function - but this a slow way if you have more than 100 recipes.
    The second way is to copy the project.mdb - but this often failes and is no way for the machine personal.

    Jürgen Berger

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    If both machines are connected through a network, depending on the configuration, it may be an idea to make the project a network project with redundancy (server / standby server). The recipes would be automatically synchronized.

    Another possibility may be, to place the recipes in an integration project (with network active), with project spanning recipes, and let the two machine projects be independant sub-projects.

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    No the projects don't share the same network.
    It's also the same problem if the customer wants
    to replace the complete HMI computer and needs to
    have all recipes back.

    Jürgen Berger

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    Another possibility is, to read-back the recipe changes from the runtime (with remote transport) and after that import the runtime files into the editor, before the HMI is replaced.

    Then after the HMI is replaced, the runtime files can be transported to the new PC and it will contain all the recipes of the old PC.

    Normally however, it should also work when the runtime files are copied from the old HMI, while the runtime is not running. (the same also for copying the project.mdb file) And copied to the new HMI (while the runtime is not running)

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    Default AW: copy recipes

    I know the way with the way with the remote transport function.
    But we often have to update the HMI via a modem connection and
    for this the integrated remote transport is absolutely unusable.

    We normaly zip the complete HMI folder send it to the HMI PC via
    an external remote transfer tool, rename the current HMI folder,
    unzip the new one the remote side and copy the current project.mdb into
    the new HMI.

    So a good tool would be to export / import all the recipes in one step
    similar to the export function of a single recipe.

    Jürgen Berger

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    thanks for the explanation. I would like to hear more about why you think the remote transport is not usable. The remote transport should, with appropriate timeout settings, also work over slow network connections, e.g. established over router.

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    a "one step" solution would be possible with the zenon function "file operation" and copy the project.mdb file to some location, and on the other machine use a file operation to copy this project.mdb file back into the runtime directory.

    But maybe in your situation, if there is no direct connection between the terminals, also the "export all" / import all would not bring you a one step solution, or am I wrong here?

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    a one step copy all recipes or read back would be very helpfull
    that it would be possible to backup and restore all recipes at once.
    So in case of reinstall the HMI you read back the recipes with one
    button - and you are ready to go

    About the remote transport via modem connection: we have a lot of installations
    of Zenon with a modem connection for the remote transport.

    If I have a good 33k modem connection and I transport the RT (160 files) as one .zip file it requires appr. 30 seconds. When I use the internal remote transport it may be 15 minutes
    ore more and you are lucky if it is successfull. Also there is no difference if I use the
    transport all RT files ore transport changed RT files.

    Another advantage of the zip method is, that I still keep the old RT version on the
    HMI PC.

    Jürgen Berger

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    Default Re: copy recipes


    Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the issue with the remote transport over normal modems taking so long, please report this to your local COPA-DATA support representative for further investigation. Remote transport also over slow connections should be possible, and not depend on luck

    Regarding the "export all" and "import all" functionality, I will start an internal discussion for this feature request to check if it will be forwarded as a requirement to our product management.


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    Default Re: copy recipes

    Thanks, Mark!


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