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Thread: Missing 'Storage Card' folder

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Missing 'Storage Card' folder

    When I try to transport runtime files to my CE device I get the following:
    !! Error creating file on target system '\Storage Card\Data\RT\FILES\zenOn\system\alc.cmp' !!!

    There is no 'Storage Card' folder. I can't create one manually. How do I get it created?


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    Default Re: Missing 'Storage Card' folder

    "\storage card" is the default directory for transporting the runtime files to a CE device.

    Please check the remote transport settings. Disable the "CE runtime basic path" option, and enter the path where you want to store the runtime files on the CE device. (e.g. c:\hard disk\project or c:\SDcard\project or however the persistent storage on your CE device is called.)

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    christopherpara Gast

    Default Re: Missing 'Storage Card' folder

    does the problem appear only with this file?

    check how much memory free do you have on the device, check in Output window do you have information about compiling this file (is it compiled on the PC)

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