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Thread: Web Client 620 crashes on startup.

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    zw1 Gast

    Böse Web Client 620 crashes on startup.

    Dear Collegears,

    I have installed zenOn Web Client 6.20 on a client. Nothing else.
    I do some security settings to make a Software Image.

    My Problem is: When is opened the Internet Explorer and type the URL to our Server the Client do fetches the needed files and say, i have to reload the Page.
    Then ill do it. But now, the Splashscreen from zenOn will appear and then the Internet Explorer and the zenOn Client crashes without any Error.

    What could be wrong? Did the Client should have any security Privileges in the Regedit or on a specially dir on the Harddisk?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Sippl Daniel

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    Default Re: Web Client 620 crashes on startup.

    Hello Daniel,

    Check out following part in the help documentation:
    Manual -> Web Server and Web Server Pro -> Possible sources of errors -> Crash after browser refresh

    Using the Internet Explorer 6 with the WEB client can lead to a crash of the IE, if the browser refresh button is pressed. So we recommend not to use the refresh button.

    The refresh button leads to a complete closing and restart of the WEB client. This means, that the connection to the Runtime server is closed and has to be re-established by the WEB client.

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    pdietrich Gast

    Blinzeln AW: Web Client 620 crashes on startup.

    Hi Dani,

    schau mal zu das die ZENON6.ini die richtigen Einträge hat.


    zusätzlich wird dann noch automatisch der Server eingetragen.
    Deshalb müssen Schreibrechte für diese Datei vorhanden sein.


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    Default Re: Web Client 620 crashes on startup.

    What kind of message regarding reloading the page do you exactly get? Is this a message of Internet Explorer?

    After the initial connection, the (web)client gets the runtime files and then knows if reduncany is being used or not. (if there is a standby server in this project).

    You might get a message something like: "servernames have changed on the server, please restart".

    When you get this message, try closing internet explorer and starting it again.

    The runtime files for the webclient are stored in the %temp% directory (subdirectory "zenWebCli"). You could try and delete / rename this directory, to get a fresh set of runtime files from the server. There must be full access to this directory for the webclient. (usually the user logged on has full rights in it's local temp directory)

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    zw1 Gast

    Default AW: Web Client 620 crashes on startup.

    Thanks Peter.

    The Problem was really the ZenOn6.ini in the %Windir%.
    I have deleted the File. The File were automaticly remade from ZenOn when in connects to the Server.

    After the Install of ZenOn it works.

    Thanks again Peter


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