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Thread: Templates and pictures

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    nahala Gast

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    Hi All,

    I am a new user of zenon .I have a doubt regarding pictures.

    I wanted to create a User Interface.I created 3 templates for its header ,process picture and bottom area. I created 3 pictures(picture0,picture1,picture3) for each templates. I need to get all the three pictures together.
    Now I get only one of the pictures while running. The one I assigned in the start picture property of Project.How to make all pictures come at same time?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Join Date

    Default Re: Templates and pictures

    You can use i.e. the Autostart-Script in which you would add all necessary "picture-switch" functions to the pictures

    Please take a look into the help documentation about this:
    Manual -> Scripts

    If you are starting to work with zenOn take a look into the "Tutorials"
    -> First Steps

    If you want to have a project generated automatically take a look to the "Project Wizard"
    -> in the zenOn Editor press "ALT+F12", select category "Project" and the the wizard "Project-Wizard"

    Herbert Oberauer

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    Additionally to the zenon scripts there is the possibility to use the "start function" settings of a picture to sequentially start the pictures needed.

    But be careful with this possibility a loop is easily created but hard to find!

    The zenon function linked as "start function" to a picture is carried out when the picture has been started.

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    nahala Gast

    Default Re: Templates and pictures

    Hi herberto/wolfgangm,
    Thanks very much for your kind reply. It worked for me.


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