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Thread: Sum of 2 variable values

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    Hello all,

    In my application I have to put the sum of 2 variables into a internal variable. How can I do this? Only with VBA?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.


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    take a look at the mathematics driver. (MATH32) Here you will find many arithmetic and logic operations.

    Just create a new variable of the mathematics driver, and select the formula property in the value calculation section of the properties window.

    You can choose datatype "bool" for logical operations, or "LREAL" for other calculations.

    As with system driver variables and internal variables, mathematics driver variables do not count as tags in your license

    Another option of course, is to use STRATON. A 8 variables straton license, comes with each zenon license for free.

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    Dear MarkClemens,

    Thank you very much for reply!


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