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    scotttee Gast

    Default Message element

    Can someone explain how the message dynamic element works?

    It uses specially formatted text file to display a message, right? How is the text file formatted?


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    Default Re: Message element

    please also check the documentation on the message element (in the online help, chapter "Pictures" -> Picture Elements -> Picture Elements -> Message)

    the seperator for the unicode text file, is a "|" The file must be a unicode text file.

    So a file with three columns and two rows could look like this:


    What is it exactly what you want to display in your picture?

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Re: Message element

    A text message that indicates the status of a dryer: Online, depressurizing, failure to shift...

    I looked at the documentation for the message display. It's not very helpful. An example would be good.


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    Default Re: Message element

    the message element is one possibility, using limits resp. a reaction matrix is a different possibility. Here you define the values with the corresponding text, and a "link text" element in the picture.

    Also with the combi-element you can display different texts depending on a value.

    Also with the combo- /listbox you can display different texts depending on a value.

    There are several other possibilities, all of them will probably do what you would want to achieve. Depending on your configuration, you might want to choose one of the methods above.

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Re: Message element

    Yes, the combi-element seems like the best route.

    Thanks for your help Mark.

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Re: Message element

    Is there a way to embed a CR (carriage return) in the Status Text field of the combi-element?
    I'd like to display something like:
    Step 1
    Left Tower On-line
    Depressurize Right Tower


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    Default Re: Message element

    the "\n" (\ is an escape character) can be used to continue on a new line, in th combi-element.

    so the statustext in the combi-element would look like this:

    Step1\nLeft Tower On-line\nDepressurize Right Tower

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