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Thread: Missing .CMP files

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Missing .CMP files

    When I do 'Project remote transport->Start runtime', a message appears on the CE device stating that recipe.cmp and password.cmp are missing. I've tried modifying the project.ini file to change the NOOVERWRITE for these files to 0 (zero). No dice. How can I make sure these files are transported to the CE device?

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Re: Missing .CMP files

    I figured out how to get these files transferred. Under 'RT Changeable Data' in the General project properties: Uncheck "Do Not Generate and Transfer".

    Now I get BRTCP32.dll - Could not load module.(Last error = 0x7e)

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Missing .CMP files


    I'm not an expert on drivers nor for CE issues but as far as I can see from the driver description (you can find this in the driver selection dialog) this driver is not available for CE devices...

    Below the driver description:

    Driver for B+R Burklimat or B+R System 2000 PLCs. Needs no PVI software but a special handling-modul in the PLC witch can only orderd from B+R . (

    Supported PLC types:
    B+R System 2000 and B+R Burklimat

    Supported connection types:

    Supported communication protocols:
    B+R TCP

    The driver is available for the following operating systems:
    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008

    The driver is available for the following CE platforms:

    Necessary additional hardware on the PC:
    Standard network card

    Necessary additional software on the PC:

    Necessary additional hardware on the PLC:

    Necessary additional software on the PLC:
    Needs special software in the B+R System 2000 PLC

    Driver features:
    RDA supported: NO
    RDA String: NO
    Address based: YES
    Name based: NO
    Blockwrite: NO
    Serial logging: NO
    Error file: YES
    Realtime stamping: YES
    Modem supported: NO
    Polling: YES
    Spontaneous: YES
    Browsing online: NO
    Browsing offline: NO

    Driver EXE name: BrTcp32.exe


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    Default Re: Missing .CMP files


    I have similar difficulties but on ordinary PC platform: recipe.cmp and password.cmp (and some other files) are not transefered during remote transport and remote runtime start could not be started. When I copy those two files manualy to the target computer, runtime starts without the problems. Is that usual behaviour when doing remote transport? I tried to put those two files in remote transport path, but with no success.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Missing .CMP files

    Issue is solved as described in thread

    Bestr regards,

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    christopherpara Gast

    Default Re: Missing .CMP files

    in the future version of zenon this problem with *.cmp file will not exist!

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