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Thread: how to simulate PLC data?

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    Default how to simulate PLC data?

    normaly I receive data via Modbus RTU from the PLC.
    Now I have to build a simulation of my ZenOn application. The simulation environment does not contain a PLC. So how can I simulate the PLC data in ZenOn?

    thx for help.


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    Default Re: how to simulate PLC data?

    As far as I can see you have 2 possibilities:

    1. If you want to have a full "replacement" of your hardware plc then stratOn is your friend. This software plc has more or less the functionality of a hardware plc. Check out the help documentation for more details.

    2. If you just want to have some values going up / down / up&down then you can use the simulator driver for this. Creating a new project with the "Project wizard" will also create such a simulator variable (named something like "WIZ_VAR_10"). Also about this you will find in the help documenation more details on this.


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    Default Re: how to simulate PLC data?

    HerbertO is right, straton is a good choice, but at the moment with all the drivers following simulation possibilities are of existance:
    Simulation (static) -> values does not count
    Simulation (counting) -> values count, depending on certain variables up, down or up_down (sawtooth).

    Click image for larger version

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    But GOOD NEWS!

    With zenon 6.50 it will be possible to write a straton PLC program and use it for the driver simulation. This enhances the current possibilities with a very sofisticated detail and gives you the change to simulate nearly in reality.

    I hope this preview helps.

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    Default AW: how to simulate PLC data?

    Thx for your hints.

    I think I have to use Straton.
    Now the problem is that there is no Straton menu entry in my project tree!
    Although Stratonrt.exe and other straton files are installed on my PC.

    Any ideas how to get Straton in my Editor?
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    Default Re: how to simulate PLC data?


    I assume that in your serial number the straton bit is not set.
    Which zenon version does your serial number is from?
    Which zenon version do you currently use?

    Try a demo serial number, this is the demo serial number from zenon 6.20.

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    Default AW: Re: how to simulate PLC data?

    my serial number is from version 6.00
    now I use version 6.20 SP4.

    using the demo serial, straton is visible.
    It seems that there is a licence problem. But shouldn' t come straton with 8 variables per default with a licenced editor?

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    Default Re: how to simulate PLC data?


    a serial number of the version 6.0 is being interpreted differently from zenon of version 6.20 SP4.
    You need to renew your existing license!

    The best would be to get in contact with your sales contact from COPA-DATA.

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