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    6.22 SP0:

    how is it possible to create a function that calls a CEL picture that shows events of
    variables with different indentifications?
    For example: the CEL picture may show events of variables "machine 1", with indentifications XYZ and also of "machine 2", with indentifications ABC.

    I can set a filter on indentification like XYZ* but I need a filter function like (XYZ* ABC*).

    Jürgen Berger

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    such kind of filter can only be set for the free Text field, where the limit text is being displayed.
    The filter for variables and identification does not support such queries like ( XYZ* ABC*) and also not logical linked ones like ( XYZ* OR ABC* ).

    But you can use alarm groups to group alarms from variables which belongs together somehow.
    Within the picture switch function you can then choose the alarm groups you want to see the alarms from.

    Also alarm classes are of interesed in this case.
    I would propose that you check out if this fits your needs.

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