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Thread: 'Update Windows CE Runtime' grayed out

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    scotttee Gast

    Default 'Update Windows CE Runtime' grayed out

    I need to update the runtime on my Windows CE device but the menu item to do this is grayed out. (Options,Update Windows CE Runtime) How do I enable this menu item?

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    brandt Gast

    Default Re: 'Update Windows CE Runtime' grayed out

    you have to install update CE for your version of zenon.
    e.g for 6.22:[pointer]=1

    yours sincerely

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    scotttee Gast

    Default Re: 'Update Windows CE Runtime' grayed out

    I don't understand what the link is pointing to. What am I supposed to be downloading? A program or documentation? I don't see anything referring to CE here.


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    brandt Gast

    Default Re: 'Update Windows CE Runtime' grayed out

    I am sorry for that last replay. I did not mention that you need to have a distributor status to download e.g. update Ce from the members area.

    In your case it would be the best to contact your local ditributor, or copa-data sales Email: and order a CD ot the downloadlink with the installation for update CE of your particular version of zenon.

    Again sorry for my mistake

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