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Thread: VBA - New Online Container in zenOn 6.22 (BulkMode)

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    Idee VBA - New Online Container in zenOn 6.22 (BulkMode)

    With zenOn 6.22 SP0 a new kind of Variable Online Container has been implemented.
    Using this "Bulk Mode" a faster start of the zenOn Runtime can be guaranteed in comparison to the "normal" Variable Online Container.

    With the "normal" Variable Online Container for every new value of the variable a Change Event is fired -> Private Sub zOLV_VariableChange(ByVal obVar As IVariable)
    So when starting the zenOn Runtime this event will be fired as often as variables have been defined in the Online Container.

    With the "Bulk Mode" -> Private Sub zOLV_VariableBulkChange(....) an array with the changed variables will be returned.

    See below a VBA sample how to do.
    -> if you do not want to add all variables to the Container it is possible to add only those variables which do have a certain pattern within the variablename. I.e. you have 50 variables with the variablename
    - MyS7TCPIP_VAR_1
    - MyS7TCPIP_VAR_2
    - MyS7TCPIP_VAR_50

    ein Test
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