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Thread: How to link zenOn and straton in zenon6.22?

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    nahala Gast

    Default How to link zenOn and straton in zenon6.22?

    Hi Mark,
    I tried to experiment examples given in video with software package Zenon6.22.

    For the Straton example, the zenon and straton could not be linked.
    I tried to implement an OR gate in Straton as given in Video. In Zenon I created 3 numerical Value and assigned its value to the variable given in straton.
    I did Create all runtime files,opened straton, built it, and simulated it,
    From Zenon I did a start Runtime.
    If I give input in Zenon it executes with OR gate functionality.The changes were not seen in Straton window.
    Similarly if I give input in Straton it executes,but Zenon is not affected.
    In video it is shown that by giving input to zenon the output can be seen both in zenon and Straton. This video is based on Zenon6.20 and hence outdated.
    Can you please help on this?

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    Default Re: How to link zenOn and straton in zenon6.22?

    maybe the problem is with your simulation. In the straton workbench, you can simulate your program, but you can also "go online" and connect to the straton runtime, which is normally started automatically with the zenon runtime. Both icons for connecting to a running straton runtime, and simulation are located in the toolbar of the straton workbench.

    I hope this helps?

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    nahala Gast

    Default Re: How to link zenOn and straton in zenon6.22?

    Thank you very much Mark.
    It worked for me.


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