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Thread: Anti-virus software

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    tauhien Gast

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    Is it recommended to install anti-virus software (or other anti-malware/spyware s/w) in a zenon server or HMI? Any problem if we do?

    many thanks

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    if no files can be copied to the IPC or server running zenon (USB disabled, no network connection, no internet, etc. etc.) it might not be necessary to install a anti-virus software.

    Different anti-virus software have different behaviour. Some anti-virus software, set to scan all files, can cause delays in the zenon runtime, e.g. when many archive files are used or the project runs in a network, and the scanning algorythm of this anti-virus software is slow or consuming a lot of resources. It might prevent or slow down the access of the zenon runtime to these files.

    Regular (signature) updates of anti-virus software are also a potential danger. After an update, the anti-virus software may decide, some critical zenon file (e.g. a driver) is a virus and deletes the file.

    It did not just happened once, that some anti-virus software deleted crucial Microsoft Windows files, causing the PC to stop working, after an update of the signatures...

    You would be on the safe side, if you exclude the directory with the zenon runtime files, and the zenon installation directory from the scan.

    Some anti-virus software is known to somehow block the Microsoft MSI Setup, causing a problem at the installation of zenon. Disabling the anti-virus software during installation in this case solves this issue.

    Some anti-virus programs might include a "internet security" with a firewall, blocking tcp ports zenon needs, causing zenon not to work anymore, or not to work in the network. Make sure, no ports zenon uses are blocked.

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    tauhien Gast

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    Thanks for the info and recommendations, Mark.

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