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Thread: Error message at Runtime Startup

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    Default Error message at Runtime Startup

    When I start the Runtime after updating zenOn to a newer version, the error message "Init Instance:FalscherVariablentyp" (Init Instance:wrongVariabletype) appears. What can I do?
    Go to the folder, where the Runtime files of your project are located. In this folder (Runtimedirectory), you will find a folder with the name of your computer.
    Rename this folder and your Runtime will start again.

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    Ausrufezeichen Re: Error message at Runtime Startup

    Please note, that in this folder, among some other files, the files for historical alarms, the files for the archives, the files for remanent variables and the files for the chronologic event list are stored. After renaming the directory and starting the runtime, the runtime will start again, although no historical data will be available.

    Out of the renamed directory, historical data (*.aml, *.cel, *.arv (exept xx.arv)) can be copied to the newly created PC-NAME directory (runtime data directory) when the runtime is running. Open files should only be copied with caution. (e.g. *.bin, xx.arv, *.dat)

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