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    rloureiro Gast

    Default Web server

    I have a problem in my zenon web server.
    when i start the web client i don't see the values of the variables. Instead when zenon must show the values shows a blue square like in the picture.
    Someone have this problem? or know how to solve this?
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    as you have blue squares on dynamic elements, I assume the webclient has no current connection to the runtime server.

    Does the connection worked anytime before?
    Which zenon version do you actually use?

    Basically the webclient as a normal zenon client starts with the compiled runtime files which are available on the PC and try to connect to the server afterwards.

    Please check and try following:
    -Delete the runtime files on the webclient ( %temp%\zenWebCli ) and try again.
    -Does the computer name where the webclient is running appear within the Webserver Console ( Control Panel -> zenon WebServer )? Click refresh button.
    -Does the computer name of the webclient appears on the runtime server project as connected client? ( System driver variable "Name of connected clients").
    -Which zenon version the zenon server runtime and the webclient is from?
    -Which Browser / Version do you use?
    -Is there a firewall running between the connection WebClient -> WebServer -> RT Server?
    -Is there a virus scanner running on any of the used PCs?
    -Does the name-resolution works correctly from the computer where the webserver is installed to the computer where the runtime is running, and vice-versa.
    -How are the computers entered into the global_vars.js file, only hostname or with FQDN ( Full Qualilfied Domain Name like )

    For completion of the list, should not be a topic on you problem:
    -Does the zenAdminSrv runs as a service? ( since zenon 6.21 )
    -Till 6.22 there was a problem if VBA was active ( zenon6.ini VBA=1) but not installed on the webclient PC.
    -In earlier IE versions a small syntax error leads to a starting problem of the webclient.
    document.write (' classid=clsid:2A3BC66B-03D7-11D4-991A-080009ABB492"'); -> missing " before clsid
    document.write (' classid="clsid:2A3BC66B-03D7-11D4-991A-080009ABB492"'); -> correct
    -If within the IE where the webclient should be loaded only a small red cross appears, then the zenon webclient is not registered correctly. Manual registration with regsvr32 zenWebCli.ocx is needed then.

    See also following forum thread:

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    rloureiro Gast

    Default Re: Web server

    I will test.
    Thanks wolfgangm

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