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Thread: VB scripts for WindowsCe platforms

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    martinw Gast

    Default VB scripts for WindowsCe platforms

    Is it possible to use VB scripts for WinCe platform projects for touch panel?
    It is possible to use VB script on CE devices with zenOn provided that the vbscript.dll is included in the CE image. Usually most of the CE devices have already included this dll.

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    Default AW: VB scripts for WindowsCe platforms

    I have some problems with it: Normally, the code is transferred to my panel (WinCE 6.0) and it runs/starts. However, when i try to use some non-basic instructions like writing/reading a file i get errors like "ActiveX components..cant create Object XY". I've read that WinCE 6.0 uses new object (i dont know exactly which or which not) and doesnt support the old ones. Long story short: can someone tell me how to f.e. write a string in a file?

    I have:
    ZenOn 6.51 RT & Editor
    WinCE 6.0
    WinXP on my pc
    TouchPanel VIPA 62M


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