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    mattsd Gast

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    Good morning,

    I have a number of tags that have I have had to changed in my Twincat PLC as they need to be in a different task for faster processing to overcome a timing issue.
    This is not a problem and have changed it within a few hours within the PLC.

    But these tags are referenced all within Zenon. I have imported in the new tags in Zenon but need to change all the links

    I know zenon has the great feature when I can open up a page and select all (control A) then replace links and select the links I want to replace but I have many references to these tags in many pages, functions and also picture switch functions with 'replace links substitutes' that contain thse redundant tag names.

    my original tag that is now redundant where the current Zenon links reference:-

    the new tag that I have added to Zenon but the links on Zenon need to be updated:-

    One I have done the search and replace then I will just delete the original tag.

    manually this is a days mundane work, is there an easier way or a global search and replace?


    Regards Matt

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    Default Re: Global search and replace

    Hello mattsd,

    Please take a look at this thread:

    The "Search&Replace" functionality within the editor should solve your problem.


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    in this case, the communication to the TwinCAT PLC is done through the variable name. The "S0_" (the prefix for the station name) is cut off from the variable name, and the result is the name of the variable in the PLC, through which the driver communicates using the TwinCAT ADS communication protocol.

    You would need to delete the newly imported variable (this is not yet linked in your picture) and then use Search&Replace in the detail view of the variable list, on the column variable name. (The variable name must be unique)

    Generally, the import of the Beckhoff NG driver from TwinCAT PLC projects supports merging, however the variablename in this case, is the keyword. So if your datatype changes in the PLC and you import the variable again in zenon, the datatype in zenon changes as well.

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