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Thread: Archiving under Windows CE 5

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    Hi guys,

    my question is, what are the possibilities of archiving under Windows CE 5?

    I know that from the version 6, I can use the module Archive server and Extended trend SE but can I somehow store the process data also in the version 5?

    Thanks for your answeer

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    the archive server SE (starter edition) is only available from Windows CE 6.0 on.

    However there are several other ways of storing data on Windows CE.

    The archive driver for example, saves runtime values cyclically in a binary format. The data is stored with as little overhead as possible, and the saving on the disc of this file is reduced to a minimum. These .cyc files which are generated, can be copied e.g. to a USB stick or using file operation to a network share.

    if HD active is set at a variable, a ringbuffer is stored on the disc. This ringbuffer can also be exported e.g. in text format.

    Cyclic read- and export of standard recipes, can give you a fixed-formatted textfile with current runtime values (e.g. if the values must only be saved over several hours)

    Using the mathematics driver, averages over time can be calculated, which can then be "archived"

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