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    Hello ,
    I have a problem in showing the date DD//MM/YY in the time axis of the trend, the hh/mm/ss are only shown, although in the time filter the YY,MM,DD,HH,MM,SS are all checked
    and when I remove the HH,MM,SS check for the time, the date appears but on double lines.
    Is is a zenOn problem or am i missing something

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    Hello ziadrached,

    Which zenOn Version do you use?

    If you are using zenOn 6.22 SP0 Build0 there was unfortunately a problem in zenOn. This misbehavior has been corrected with zenOn 6.22 SP0 Build6.

    Please contact the zenOn support regarding how to download this Build-Version.


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    Yes herberto im using zenOn 6.22 SP0 Build0. I will contact zenon support.
    Thank you

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