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Thread: zenon 5.20 to 5.50 convert

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    huggy Gast

    Default zenon 5.20 to 5.50 convert

    Hallo I'm huggy and new here in this community.
    I have a project, which was running with zenon 5.20.
    They changed to an Touchscreen, on mainpage there is a symbolic picture
    of the machine. Every station has a switch button, with this button you can
    go into station. The color of this button is showing the state of the station
    (active or deactive), this color is changing by a variable, this colorchanging
    function is new in zenon 5.50.
    I could convert the project into 5.50 and created a runtime, after that I got
    some messages of variables they do not successful convert.
    There are also some values missing on some pages ( same as on error message).
    I opened the varaibles, but I could n ot found any reason why this happend.
    Did you ever convert a project to a higher version?
    All variables are working with the mathematic driver ???
    Im currently at customer and need to fix this project, please help me ?!??!!
    kindly regards huggy

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    Default Re: zenon 5.20 to 5.50 convert

    did you convert on the same PC as where the original software was installed?

    For a project to be converted, all parts which have changed in the newer version need to be adapted. The program does this automatically, when you acknowledge the question if the project should be converted.

    If variables need to be converted, also the driver to which these variables are linked needs to be started. Some drivers, e.g. the Siemens S7 NT driver, require specific 3rd party software to be installed on the PC, without the driver won't start and during conversion the variables can not be converted and will be lost.

    Please check in the old 5.20 project, which driver(s) is (are) being used, and make sure that the required software is installed on the PC where you convert the project.

    Please note, that the latest zenon version, is zenon 6.22 SP0. With this version it is possible to convert projects from zenon 5.50 SP7.

    What I can also offer you, is to send the project backup (of 5.20) to

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