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Thread: Usability Functions and Scripts

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    Default Usability Functions and Scripts

    I have a general question about the usability of Functions and Scripts in Zenon.

    Isn't it a shame that I have to do 4 Steps to link two actions to one button.

    I have to create two Functions for e.g. Set Value and Change Screen.
    Then i have to create a new Skript linking those two functions.
    In this dialog I have to select the Functions and then i have to click "Hinzufügen" clicking OK without clicking "hinzufügen" is like Cancel - Why?
    After that i have to create an additional Funktion which is calling the Skript.

    Why isn't it possible to link the Skript direktly to a button?
    Why is there no Shortcut like "auto-generate" Skript or Funktion.
    e.g.: I want to call a Skript so Zenon can do the Call Function for this Script automaticly. A right click to the Script could show a menu with "generate Function" Zenon could create the Function by using the Scriptname.

    When I create a Script and make some new Functions during this process it is not possible to give the new Functions a name. But this could be helpfull because then i can do my New Functions during the Scripting Process and i have a well known name.

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    Default Re: Usability Functions and Scripts

    maybe you are not using the latest version of zenon, or you did not find the functionality?

    In the contextmenu of a selected script, it is possible to "create a standard function". This will create the "script execute" function. You can use drag&drop to link this function to the button. When you want to rename the function to call the script (default: Function_0) automatically, please take a look at the "OnObjectCreated" event in the VBA Editor in ZenWorkspace.

    When you open the functions in a seperate window (right click on the functions in the project tree) you can use drag&drop to link functions to a script.

    By selecting the "Scripts" node, and pressing "Ins" on the keyboard, a new script is created.

    When you add functions to a script using the dialog, you do not necessarily need to select the script and click "Add", a double-click on the function will also add the function to the script.

    When a Script is selected, and you press "Ins" on the keyboard, the dialog to add functions is opened for this script.

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