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Thread: Setup a filter at design time

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    matholton Gast

    Default Setup a filter at design time

    hi there,

    I want to have 3 screen, showing alarms for a different PLC each (I.E. I have 2 PLC's linked up). The trouble I am finding is that I can only set the filter for each alarm list at runtime.

    Is it possible to setup a filter at design time, so each page only shows alarms from a specific group?



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    at the picture switch function to the alarm picture, you actually define how the alarm page is filled (which filter is used).

    So by creating multiple picture switch functions, you can show e.g. all alarms, or alarms from a specific group or class.

    Of course it is also possible to modify the filter parameter of the existing picture switch function, through the properties window.

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    matholton Gast

    Default Re: Setup a filter at design time

    Excellent Mark, thank you very much! :-)

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