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Thread: How to Stop Logging Alarms

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    matholton Gast

    Default How to Stop Logging Alarms

    Hi there folks!

    I need a way of switching off alarms. Basically I want a start/stop alarms button. Is this possible?

    I thought the Status Variable associated with the alarm class would do the trick but even though I toggle that variable, the alarms still show up,

    Any help would be greatly appareciated,



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    Default Re: How to Stop Logging Alarms

    Hi mat,

    you can use the zenon function 'Alarm: activate/deactivate alarmgroup connection' to stop alarms from a specific alarm group and link the function to a button.


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    matholton Gast

    Default Re: How to Stop Logging Alarms

    Sorry, Iw as a bit premiture posting that last one. I've figured it out now:

    I just added 2 new Functions:

    Alarm-Connection: incativate
    Alarm-Connection: ativate

    And linked those to two buttons.



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