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Thread: Parameters in Property window greyed out?

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    dak2483 Gast

    Default Parameters in Property window greyed out?

    I have been working on a simple project on Zenon 6.22 SPO using a step 7 siemens driver.The project still works well in the runtime. But if i try and go to the property window and select any of the parameters ( say a variable linked to a rectangle block) , it is greyed out and I am unable to change or select it . Even when i add some new block to my picture , the properties associated to that new block are greyed out.

    Can I get any help on that?

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    Default Re: Parameters in Property window greyed out?

    you probably have the option "windows CE project" set?

    This option in the project properties helps you to use functionality which is available on Windows CE.

    Due to it's operating system structure, not the full functionality of PC-based operating systems is available on Windows CE. Because of the fact that the API on Windows CE does not provide certain functionality, also certain functions / functionality is also not available in zenon on Windows CE.

    This for example also includes rotation of a dynamic or static element. If you disable the option "Windows CE project" the option will most likely be available again. You will be able to configure it, it will simply not work on Windows CE.

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