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    What are the posibilities for the ETM profiles?
    If I understand it correctly, I can create the profiles only within the runtime. Is it possible to distribute these profiles created in RT to other standalone stations?
    Is it possible to use filters on the profiles? If there are two different ETM pictures I want to display only the profiles concerning the current picture on each of them. Is there any way to do it?

    Thank you for your answer.

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    yes, the profiles, also for other MDI pictures like the Alarms picture or the CEL picture, can only be created in the runtime. However you can distribute the profiles from one PC to another PC running the same project. Close the runtime on both PCs prior to copying the "project.zrt" file.

    The profiles are saved globally per picture type, and store the filter settings with which the picture of this type was opened. If there are two trend pictures, both pictures can be opened with the same filter settings. Profiles created in one trend picture are also available in all other trend pictures.

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    Is it possible to keep the profiles "synchronized" on a central server (perhaps the Integration Project server)?

    Our chief operator is accustomed to being able to "build" trends, sometimes on a daily basis, which he can later access from any client he chooses.



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    you might want to take a look at the functionality of "runtime profiles", which is integrated with the user administration.

    This allows to create bookmark snapshot of all current screens that are open in the runtime, and load these at a later date, on any other PC.

    Unlinke the MDI screenprofiles, the runtime profiles are distributed in the network automatically.

    If you want to distribute the MDI screenprofiles automatically, from the server to the clients, you can do this with a trick, by entering this file in the remote transport settings. However this will only work after a reload on the client, and only when all MDI screens are closed so that the project.zrt file can be correctly overwritten.

    Please note, that this will also overwrite any MDI screenprofiles that are saved on the client.

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