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Thread: Limiting Alarm-status line to one monitor

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    Default Limiting Alarm-status line to one monitor

    Is there a way to limit length of the alarm-status line to be displayed on one monitor only, in a multi monitor configuration? My project is running at the moment in a 3 monitor configuration. Once the alarm-status line shows up, it is spread over all 3 monitors. Would be much better if it could have been displayed on the left monitor only. The same question applies eg. to the Login dialog that is also spread over all 3 monitors, so user enters "Username" on the left monitor, "Password" on the middle monitor and finally has to click on the "OK" button that is displayed on the right monitor - very unconvinient.

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    Default Re: Limiting Alarm-status line to one monitor

    in 6.22, the size and position of the alarm status line can be configured (in the templates node of the project tree). In earlier versions this is not possible.

    Using entries in the zenon6.ini, the size of the login dialog can be changed:

    in the section [BEFEHLSGABE] (add this section if it does not yet exist)

    please add the entry:

    POSITION=0.001 , 0.999, 0.835, 0.964

    The values correspond to Xleft, Xright, Ytop, Ybottom and range from 0.001 to 0.999.

    You could try with

    POSITION=0.001, 0.333, 0.835, 0.964

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