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Thread: display last open picture

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    dak2483 Gast

    Default display last open picture

    I am using system variable " last open picture". When i use it in runtime it is not visible.I have one main project and a sub project and I have included it in both. But it is not visible in runtime.
    Could I get any help on this?

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    you have to set the "main templates" in order for the variable "last open picture" to work.

    If it is just for the sub-project, you don't need to modify the "project.ini" file of the global project in the SQL directory and you can click on the property "main templates" in the section "graphical design" in the properties window of the sub-project. The templates can be selected here through a dialog.

    If you want this to work for both projects, you need to modify the "project.ini" file of the integration (roof) project. The project.ini file is located in the SQL directory, in the GUID directory of the project. (Subdirectory \files\zenon\sytem)

    To know the GUID of a project, select the project in the editor and in the properties window in the section "general", the GUID is shown under "Name / Folder" at "Project ID"

    the "project.ini" can be edited with notepad.exe.

    In the section:

    add / modify the entry:


    where "template1" etc. the template names of the templates for the pictures who should be written in the variable "last open picture".

    Please mind to keep the "_" in front of the template names and put a "," after the last template!

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    by the way, the "main templates" must also be set, in order to get the "picture: return to last" function working.

    Usually there are some fixed parts on the screen which do not need to be included in the "last open picture" or should not be taken in account for the "picture: return to last" function. This is the reason, the templates can be selected for which this functionality applies.

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    dak2483 Gast

    Default Re: display last open picture


    That works .Thank you.

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