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Thread: Updating Revision using StatusString

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    Default Updating Revision using StatusString

    I am attempting to update the Revision status bit of a variable using C# VSTA. I am currently pulling the current StatusValue and extracting the Revision status bit from the value. When it differs from what I am trying to set it to, I use StatusString="REVISION=X" where X is a 0 or a 1 depending on what I am trying to set it to.

    After I run that command, I am not seeing the Revision status update. I even have pulled the StatusValue again after writing to StatusString and the bit did not change. What could I be doing wrong in this scenario?

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    Default Re: Updating Revision using StatusString

    Hi mgagliardo91,

    Welcome to the forum

    Can I ask, is this a variable of the internal driver that you are trying to set to revision?

    Writing the statusstring property to "REVISION=1" should normally work.

    Best regards,

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