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    I tried to search if there is a property for a screen to close after a define time but I could not find. I want the command pop up screen to automatically close if after ex. 20s no selection (open or close) is made, how can I do this?


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    hi archie.

    You are looking for a timer. You might check on the zenon logic timer functions. Please see the attached screenshot for a help chapter reference.

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    Hi Archie,

    You may also want to have a look at the system driver variable "idle time". This represents a incrementing counter that starts counting when the runtime is not being operated. You can easily create a limit function when it exceeds 20 seconds, that closes the frame used by your command screen.

    Best regards,

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    I recently accomplished this using "Time Control" that had an entry that executed a function every second.
    That function reduced an internal variable.
    Then a REMA on the internal variable triggered another function when 0 was reached. That function closed the screen. So now I can have a decrementing counter that shows when the screen is about to close accurate to 1 second +- about 1 second.
    having to do it YOUR way!

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