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Thread: String entry format enforcement?

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    Default String entry format enforcement?

    I have a requirement to enter a string the format of which should be 3 letters, followed by 6 numbers


    I can't find the manual section that helps me deal with ensuring data entry occurs in this manner.

    The only thing I can think of so far is having two keyboard, one with only letters, another with only numbers and having two data entry boxes, one triggering the number keypad, the other triggering the letter keypad, then stitch the two strings together somehow. Clearly this is awkward extra complexity that nobody really needs.

    Is anybody aware of a generic string format functionality that would ensure I get my inputs formatted correctly?

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    Default Re: String entry format enforcement?


    On the fly the only way I could think of is evaluating the ASCII code of each character entered. zenon logic offers lots of string operations you might want to use for your issue. But this would mean that you need to evaluate each character right away when it was entered. For the first 3 characters you check if the ASCII code is A-Z and for the others you check if ASCII code is 0-9 using the zenon logic ASCII function.
    Also hard to tell how this will work out in terms of performance....

    Otherwise your idea having two different variables, one for the characters and one for the numbers should work as well. You could then use the zenon logic concat function to combine both strings.

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