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Thread: Sicam230 Stand by Server errors

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    Default Sicam230 Stand by Server errors

    Dear Gents,

    During the update i faced with a problem. As usual i`ve used reload function for applying of the changes on the Stand-by server (small modification has been done on the Primary server). During the reloading of the project Stand-by server broke down and two client are lost communication with the Primary server as well. After rebooting of the Server the situation is completely same (stand by server trying to connect and update data without any result). From time to time it is starting well but losing communication again.

    I`ve checked logs through the DiagViewer. There are a lot of errors.
    Two of them it`s "Route Path for computer not valid to Computer for project .." And "Source variable for mathematics missing"

    (I have two Servers (software redundancy) and two Clients in the network)

    No any changes have done in network configuration or in Variables list and etc.

    Maybe it`s enough to restore project back-up from Primary to Standby server? But before i need to be sure that it`s correct way))

    Thanks in advance!


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    Dear Vladich,

    Based just on your description of the behavior and the error messages, it is not really possible to determine what is causing this issue. If the cause is unknown, it is also difficult to provide suggestions that might resolve this.

    Best thing to do, in my opinion, is to contact your local Sicam230 support to seek help establishing what is causing this and subsequently find a resolution.

    The support forum is not the best place, to diagnose in depth, issues like this.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Sicam230 Stand by Server errors

    I have some additional information.
    During the such behavior all indication on the Clients and Standby Server becoming with blue dots. As i understand from your forum this situation related to the zenNetSrv communication service.

    We already tried to ping all network by the different ways (via hostname as well)- all correct, all working properly.

    We still not tried to restart the Primary server. May be Runtime on the Primary server need to be restarted? In this case zenNetSrv will be restarted also and proper communication will return back?

    I`ve found just one abnormal error. It`s shown in attachment and it related to zenNetSrv.

    Thanks in advance, Gents!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Errors.jpg  

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    Default Re: Sicam230 Stand by Server errors

    Dear Vladich,

    A blue square at elements could be an indication that there is no connection or network communication is prevented.

    If your configuration is in fact a redundant configuration with primary server and secondary (standby) server, the standby server normally should not show blue squares at the element. In case the secondary server loses the connection to the primary server, it will take over as a primary server and resume normal communication with the PLCs and clients.

    The screenshot really is no help and without detailed information, it is just speculation of what is causing this and how to resolve it. Restarting the primary server, if that is possible, could resolve this if the runtime is in an undefined state. When it works after the restart, without further investigation, it would still not be clear what was the issue and what caused it.

    I would suggest contacting local support, to get further assistance in regard to this matter.

    Best regards,

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