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Thread: Dynamic limit text in Dynamic Text element

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    Hi gents,

    I have REMA with Dynamic limit text messages.
    $(_;%variable;_) @text
    It works perfectly fine in AML and CAL for example
    (_ 123 _) Completed

    I would wonder if there is any way to display the output in Dynamic Text element.
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    It is documented that dynamic limit text is not used in screen elements. This feature is supported only for AML/CEL as it is not possible to process updates of already generated texts for variable "varA" in case when value of another variable ("varB") - used in the dynamic limit text of "varA" - will change after the text was already generated.

    For screen elements you may produce nice texts in zenon Logic: set all variables used for dynamic limit text 'extern visible' and produce user-friendly texts on additional STRING stratonNG variables (or extern visible internal variables with calculation 'network'). Doing this make sure you have created in zenon Logic the fieldbus driver 'Logic to SCADA connection'.

    Note that the solution with 'extern visible', has a limitation: if an extern visible process variable changes value very fast, then the logic will see the latest value (one per cycle), not all values. Some short events can be skipped (overwritten in shared memory by newest change).
    So if your process variables are changing very fast you better use 'Allocations' module - to copy the process variables to additional stratonNG variables of the same data type. Then - "sooner or later" (later when system is overflowed with values) - Logic will be informed about each value - as the 'Allocations' in zenon and the stratonNG driver are working on events and making queues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ursulak View Post
    It is documented ....
    I've missed that point


    But thanks for reply
    Kind regards,

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