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Thread: DNP_TG Issue

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    yara Gast

    Default DNP_TG Issue

    Hello Support,

    In on of our projects we are using DNP_TG driver to communicate with GE RTU serialy using RS485 2 wire, all configuration we did is fine and the communiaction also was fine, after time we lost the communication and it is giving error in attached picture when we try to create all runtime files...

    Please advise ...

    Best regards.
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    Hi Yara,

    Most likely, instead of using the driver property to open the driver configuration, someone used the driver property to create a driver simulation project.

    The error message indicates, that the existing driver simulation project, was not compiled in the zenon logic workbench.

    When you are not using the programmed driver simulation, it is safe to delete the driver simulation project, using the corresponding property in the driver configuration. The error message should then no longer be displayed.

    Best regards,

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