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Thread: Network - Mutli servers and Mutli Clients

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    bastien Gast

    Default Network - Mutli servers and Mutli Clients

    Hello everyone.
    Here's my question.

    Hi have two single projects on the same plant with two PCs.
    Each one running one project.

    I'd like to display variables values of each runtime on each other one.
    If I say right to do so, I need to define one of the projects as an integration project - let's call it PRO-1, and drag the second - let's call it PRO-2 - one in the first.

    Doing so, I can display the values from PRO-2 on PRO-1, but not values from PRO-1 on PRO-2 ?

    Am I missing something ?

    In the Network Manual, it's written :

    " Mutli-Clients and Mutli-Servers Model"
    --> In this Model, a computer can be a server for one project, as well as a client for another project.
    A computer can also be multi-servers and multi-clients in the same time.

    So I was guessing it was posible to do what I'm expecting, but I'm also wondering if I need a 3rd PC running a blank project as the Integration project. (And of course I'd prefer not to have to use a third computer.)

    Thanks for your answers !

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    Default Re: Network - Mutli servers and Mutli Clients

    Hello Bastien,

    The easiest way to do this, without making many changes in either of the existing projects, is by creating a third project as the integration project. You don't need a third PC for this. The integration project would be setup as the start project on both computers.

    Basically you would create a new standard project, called integration. In this new project, define a small frame (template) that is always on top and create a screen called "integration_navigation" for this frame in the new project. Position the frame so that it does not block relevant parts of the other two projects from viewing. You could also enable a border for the frame and enable a title, so that you can move it around more easily.

    Using Drag&Drop you can then move the two existing projects below the integration project. Both projects need to be configured as a network project and the corresponding computer name must be entered for server 1.The integration project does not need to be a network project.

    Using the topology view, you can then transfer the runtime files for all of the projects to the two runtime PCs. Be sure, to set the integration project as the start project.

    In the new integration project, you can then for example create an additional navigation screen and a new full screen in the integration project, that displays variables from the other projects. Or you can create a new alarm screen in the integration project, that displays alarms from both projects.

    You can also create two buttons in the "integration_navigation" screen, that calls the start screen for each of the other sub projects, allowing a user to navigate between the two.

    I hope this information gives you some further pointers to see what is possible. One thing that should be considered is, that your runtime license must support the amount of tags for both projects. From the fact that you made one of the projects an integration project, I believe that this may already be the case.

    Best regards,

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