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Thread: WebClient 7.20 error

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    Default WebClient 7.20 error

    Hi All,

    Regarding of the Web Server, using Zenon 7.20 , Web server pro light, when start the web client pc, it has an error which is HTTP Error 503. Also the same thing happens when start web client in webserver pc.

    static ip webclient (
    static ip webserver (

    Attached some pic about setting on web server , PING result for both Webclient and Webserver and host

    Any one please tell me the info.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PING Webserver.jpg   HTTPError503.jpg   Host.jpg   global_vars.jpg   IIS.jpg  


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    Hy damili91

    Please make a few Things sure:

    1.You set your Project to a Network Project and enterd the Server Name (not the ip)
    2.The webserver aplication is runing
    3. You installed the Webclient on your Client PC

    If you allready configured right you can additonaly take a look at the zenon help chapter "Webser"

    best regards and fun with zenon

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    Default Re: WebClient 7.20 error

    Please check following link:

    If these steps don't work, please contact your local support.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: WebClient 7.20 error

    Typically, the HTTP 503-Service Unavailable error is returned directly from HTTP.sys when there is a problem with getting the request up to the worker process.

    However, this error is not a zenon triggered error and can occur for a variety of reasons.

    For zenon following conditions must be met:

    - The Ports 1102 and 1100 have to be open and shouldn't be restrained by a firewall, anit-virus software or user-policies.

    If you have the Windows telnet service installed, you can verify a port with the command "telnet PC-NAME PORT"

    - The Settings in the global_vars.js have to respect the hostname only, not the fully qualified domain name.

    Also it sometimes helps to use the webserver IP instead of the hostname.

    - Is the name resolution in the network working correctly? (a ping by must always return the identical name (Case sensitive!) on all PCs) (You can create Hosts file entries on all involved PCs to ensure that there are no DNS/WINS problems!)

    - If there was a recent change in the global_vars.js, the browser cache must be cleared afterwards. Otherwise it will use an older cached global_vars.js Version

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