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Thread: Language Switching DIALOGKBD

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    Default Language Switching DIALOGKBD

    Anybody got any advice on language switching the DIALOGKBD window?

    I've implemented language display switching which can control font and text lists via the Language File mechanism and let's call that fine.

    What it does not do is alter the language of DIALOGKBD.
    As we all know different countries use different keyboards with different layouts.

    I have found I can alter the runtime construction of DIALOGKBD and clones of it to reflect different languages by altering the Windows keyboard region settings during design time. However this has no obvious effect at run time, switching region doesn't switch any keyboards. At design time it just gives me new screen specific functions for swedish characters, but no mechanism for changing the layout and associating the layout with a keyboard language.

    This is compounded by some screen specific types only ever using DIALOGKBD screen as a hardcoded option, not permitting me to substitute in a different languaged keyboard even if I could determine at runtime what the keyboard is regioned to.

    And further compounded by some data entry screen elements not calling windows functions that might bring up a pre-installed touch screen keyboard program that does have selectable inbuilt keyboard layout altering on windows region.

    So, really, I'm literally begging for any useful information on how to switch keyboard layout during runtime, preferably with the same button I made to switch display language.

    But really, any information. Any at all.

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    Default Re: Language Switching DIALOGKBD

    Hello Edgy
    I have an Workaround for you:
    1. create an integer variable
    2.create a Keyboard Screen for each layout
    3. create a button for each layoutscreen and set the visibility for each button from the created integer
    4. the Limit for visibility is for each button different
    5. on the language button you trigger a script with execute the laguage Switch and the value of visibility for the write Keyboard layout

    Hint: you can overlap the buttons if they not visible you also cant click them
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    Default Re: Language Switching DIALOGKBD

    Sounds pretty good ritschel, I'll see if I can make that work. I suspect it might block access to other language keypresses if Windows is not set to the target language as well.

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    Daumen runter Re: Language Switching DIALOGKBD

    I've travelled back in time to report that switching language still doesn't change virtual keyboard layouts.
    having to do it YOUR way!

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