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Thread: 02 different Alarm Sound

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    Default 02 different Alarm Sound

    That is seem simple thing, but I still can not make it work.
    I want to setup alarm for 02 type of event. Some normal alarm will start sound "Beep.wav", another trip alarm will start sound " Aler.wav"
    I tried 02 function type :"start continuous tone" and chose different sound but I only hear 1 sound even I tried setup different alarm class drive 02 function.
    I also tried to use 02 button to test but I still got the same result, only 1 sound.
    Could you give me your idea?

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    Default Re: 02 different Alarm Sound

    Dear skywalker,

    Thank you for your question.

    Which zenon version are you using? I have just tested with the latest version and the function "Start continuous tone" works ok with 2 different sounds for 2 different alarms for the same variable. Maybe there is a problem with the .wav file. As you said, if you just link the function to a normal button, it should work.

    I suggest you to try with a different .wav file and, if the problem persists, please, contact your local support, so they can take a look to your Project and help you in further steps.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: 02 different Alarm Sound

    Zenon version is 7.10
    I link the function to different *.wav file but it did not work


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