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    My workspace has 2 projects project.
    2.integration project.
    The integration project consisits of 6 subprojects.
    Now my question is while working on one of the subprojects which project RT files i need to transfer?Do i need to transfer Design,main project and that one subproject or simply transferring that one subproject will do?
    My concern is while working on main project in future I should be able to access all the projects without any problem.
    Please note that all the subprojects(away from each other) are communicated in network.
    Thanks in advance.

    Using zenon 7.11.

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    Hi jahidbagwan,

    you never have to care about the global project. All the information from the global project will be compiled into the other projects when you click "create Runtime fiels".
    Regarding integration project vs. sub project, I would say, it depends. Which project do you want to run on the target computer? If you only want to run one of the sub projects then you need to transfer only this one. If you want to run the integration project and the sub projects then you need to transfer all of them.
    I would recommend to use the network topology feature. This makes transferring multiple projects a lot easier.

    kind regards,




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    Thank you so much for your help.

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