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Thread: Save AML and CEL as PDF

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    Default Save AML and CEL as PDF


    is it possible to save AML and CEL as PDF without using an extra PDF printer?
    I'm using zenon 7.50.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

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    Idee Re: Save AML and CEL as PDF

    Hy Thomas

    There are two ways to get AML or CEL into a file. Fist would be by using the export function for the particular List. Or using the print function but as PDF its only possible with the print function and therefore you have to use a PDF printer.
    But you can fix that printer in the editor settings under < general configuration -> Standard>>
    Also you don’t have to install an additional printer just use Microsoft to PDF printer.

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    Default AW: Save AML and CEL as PDF


    as far as I know, the export function does not offer PDF format. But still, this could be used as a workaround.
    However, the better solution might be a Report. With the Report Viewer module you have the advantage that you are very flexible in desinging the layout of the report (displayeing AML, CEL, Archive date, Recipes,...) and you can directly save the report as PDF without a PDF printer.

    kind regards,




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    Default Re: Save AML and CEL as PDF

    It's not as easy as it looks. You will need to install a PDF printer. I use PDFCreator because I find it flexible yet simple.

    See the image for something that works in the configuration of the actual request button.

    However, one will also need a function called "Select Printer" so that, at runtime, one can select which printer is used for what. It only needs doing once, but it still needs doing. I recommend setting all 5 print areas to the PDF Printer until one becomes familiar with it.

    I can't find it right now, but there is a place to select the printer in the project settings, don't bother, it doesn't select the runtime printer, so I don't care that I can't find it, it's of no particular use for the runtime machine.
    So again, in design time, Functions -> Select Printer. Followed by clicking on it at runtime.
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    Lächeln AW: Save AML and CEL as PDF


    Thanks for your advice.
    I have chosen the solution from Alex, because there is no additional PDF printer neccessary ("Microsoft to PDF printer" is not available in Windows 7) and also because of the design possibilities.

    Best regards,

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