Hi all,

I have setup web server pro light and the global_vars.js settings. The web server and zenon 7,50 runtime are on the same PC so both runtime server name and web server name are the same in the global_vars.js

this setup works over the internal LAN

When i try to access server over the internet: servernames//zenon/index.htm i can see this page but when i start the web client via servernames//zenon/init.htm the runtime starts but cant get a connection to the server just blue dots.

on page 49-50 of the zenon web server document, to allow port forwarding for port 1102 and give the PC a fixed IP. I'm not sure how to check NAT?? It says change the server name in the global_vars.js to the computer name of the gateway station?? is this the router? router has no name will IP address Work?