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    May I create Gantt chart just with IDENTIFICATION and TIMESTAMP(previous last)? My data: IDENTIFICATION, TIMESTAMP and VALUE(in value I have save time, how long was IDENTIFICATION active). It means, that I have save times form machine states in archiv.
    I need to create gantt diagram, where I see time machine status

    Thank you

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    Hello DavidMarek,

    I believe you need to set up your variable differently. Saving the active duration as value is not how the Gantt in ETM works.

    What you need to configure is a variable that contains the satus of the machine as a value. In order to identify the different statuses you can use a recation matrix. Then save this variable in an archive with "record on value change" setting. This can then be used in ETM do display a Gantt chart. It will use the correct timestamps from the archive and display the limit text from the reaction matrix.

    kind regards,




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