On very specific PCs (environments) it can happen that the WebServer service is starting before the WIBU-KEY driver is available. Thus the WebServer starts in Demo-Mode although a proper license for the WebServer is available.

Do create a delay of the WebServer service you first have to configure the service ZenWebSrv to "manual" (per default it is "automatic").

Afterwards create a new text-document and insert following Code:

Option Explicit
Dim objShell
Dim intWait
intWait = 5000    'in Milliseconds
WScript.Sleep intWait
Set objShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
objShell.Run "net start ZenWebSrv"

Finally rename the textfile to .vbs (from .txt) and link the script to the Autostart of Windows.

Using this method the WebServer service will start about 5 seconds after a Windows User has logged in.