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Thread: Zenon 7.20 as LineController

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    Hello everybody,

    i got the challenge to verify which software is the best one to implement a line controlling software for a descrete assambly machine (for example automotive industrie). So i visited the SPS IPC Drives and got in contact with COPA-DATA and zenon. I was very exited about the possibilities that this IDE gives me as a programmer and tried the last two days to implement some code snippets... and here are my questions: I dont know if zenon is the right choice for my challenge:

    • The recipe manager saves alle recipe data in binary files that are stored in the local folder of the runtime version. My ambition is to store any kind of data in a MS SQL Server. I dont know if this is the right approach with zenon but it is a simple one to share this data with other systems. Is there a possibility to store recipe information in databases instead of binary files?

    • I do not only want to trace single processes but also the production cycle of a single workpiece with all of its process data. So if a work piece carrier runs into my machine, the machine makes a request to zenon if it is allowed to handle this work piece carrier (the conditions are: routing, status of the work piece etc.). I could handle all this request with VSTA routines and write an answer back to my plc. So my VSTA routine gets data form the plc, makes some look ups in a MSSQL Database, and answers the plc. Is there a better way to handle such requests? In the case of big machines there are many requests and the VSTA routins are not mulithreaded, right?

    • If a work piece carrier runs from one machine station to the next, there is a trace of timestamps and data i got for my databases. If the user wants to have an overview of this special work piece i want to show him some information in a kind of a table view. Perhaps im blind but i did not found a graphical object in zenon to realise a table view, excluded this one which is used in the recipe manager. I want to have a button and a textfield where the user enters a unique code for his workpiece. After pressing the button a VSTA routine gets all data to this unique number out of the MS SQL database and writes them into this table view. Is there another way in zenon to realize such a function?

    This are some of my questions. It would be very helpful if someone could try to answer them so that its getting easier for me to consider the possibilities of zenon. Perhaps zenon is the wrong IDE to write a program for tracing work pieces but its a very good program for tracing processes.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Default AW: Zenon 7.20 as LineController

    hi n.kurtenbach.

    Welcome to the CopaData forum.
    Thanks for evaluating zenon, we hope you are having a good time with our product. Basically zenon offers a lot of onboard features and modules so you would not need to code everything yourself. We suggest using this features as it is tested and fully integrated in the product which makes it prove of coding failures etc.
    For tracing a work piece you could e.g. use our historian module and lot archives. This allows you to store values in relation to that work piece throughout all the production steps and to filter for this work piece later on.
    I allowed myself to inform our colleagues in the German support team. They will get in touch with you, you might know them already I guess. If you outline your requirements and what you are planning to implement with zenon they will assist you in finding the proper modules and features for you.
    This should save you a lot of time compared to a coding solution.

    hope that helps, BR

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