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Thread: Macro execution on current PC within multi-user project

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    Default Macro execution on current PC within multi-user project


    I need to execute a VSTA-Macro linked to a button. That Macro calls a Windows Form Dialog updating user data. The project is running on a Primary/Standby Server and the Clients are synchronized to that server.
    How do I manage it that only connected Clients can execute that button (Macro function)?
    Currently, all synchronized computers are executing that Macro, whereas only the Macro-caller (HMI client) should do that work.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Macro execution on current PC within multi-user project

    Hi Chris,

    At the function properties for executing the VSTA macro, the setting for execution is currently probably set to "current computer", which executes the macro on the system where the button is pressed.

    In the VSTA macro itself, you could check the NetType property of the Project object and check if the runtime on this computer is in fact a client or server/standby server.

    Best regards,

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